The biggest opportunity for the future of smaller countries lies in new technologies. Czech and Slovak founders has already proven the ability to bring unique technological start-ups to the global market. We believe that there is still a lot of unfulfilled potential.

Transform knowledge into product, build business
We help tech founders, engineers, scientists, researchers, and inventors to transform their knowledge into valuable products , sell to international customers and build great companies.

Our investment focus

We invest in early stage tech start-ups, mainly in first two phases:

Pre-seed / angel / incubation rounds €100-300k Teams with strong know-how in science, technology, engineering or mathematics aiming to build a product and attract first customers

Seed rounds €300k-2mm
Established start-ups with solid value proposition, first running customers, and appetite to expand fast

Our current investments are in these areas and sectors: Smart Retail, Home Automation, HR, Logistics, Energy, HW Security, Biotech, Pharma, Travel; with underlying hard-skills in mathematics, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, cybersecurity, electrical engineering, hardware development, IoT security, voice systems, decentralised software, biochemistry, genomics, chemistry...

Do not hesitate to get in touch to speak about your project.

Who we are

BVC was founded in 2016 by Premysl Rubes, former mathematician and entrepreneur. Premysl leads all the investments, sits on board of portfolio companies, and together with his team actively works with founders - opening network of industry experts, potential partners, coworkers, and assisting mainly with sales, business development and management.
Besides the investment&incubation activities BVC team is involved also in start-up education at STEM universities, entrepreneurship lectures, and start-up mentoring in Europe, Israel and United States.

BVC is part of BHM Group, family office investment company founded by czech industrial tycoon Tomas Krsek